Unruly Octopus


Fierce destiny struggle! Become the king of octopuses by hunting, scavenging and slaughtering!
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February 24, 2022
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An MOD APK document is a chronicle that generally contains the accompanying records and registries:

  • META-INF registry:
  • MANIFEST.MF: the Manifest document
  • The authentication of the application.
  • CERT.SF: The rundown of assets and a SHA-1 condensation of the comparing lines in the MANIFEST.MF document; for instance:
  • Signature-Version: 1.0
  • Made By: 1.0 (Android)
  • SHA1-Digest-Manifest: wxqnEAI0UA5nO5QJ8CGMwjkGGWE=
  • Name: Unruly OctopusMOD.APK
  • SHA1-Digest: eACjMjESj7Zkf0cBFTZd0nqWrt7w=
  • SHA1-Digest: DGEqylP8W0n0iV/ZzBx3MW0WGCA=
  • lib: the registry containing the incorporated code that is stage subordinate; the catalog is parted into more registries inside it:
  • armeabi-v7a: incorporated code for all ARMv7 or more based processors as it were
  • arm64-v8a: incorporated code for all ARMv8 arm64 or more based processors only
  • x86: incorporated code for x86 processors as it were
  • x86_64: incorporated code for x86-64 processors in particular
  • mips and armeabi are Deprecated since NDK r17
  • res: the registry containing assets not incorporated into resources.arsc (see underneath).
  • resources: a registry containing applications resources, which can be recovered by AssetManager.
  • MOddedfile.com: Unruly Octopus extra Android show document, portraying the name, adaptation, access privileges, referred to library records for the application. This document might be in Android parallel XML that can be changed over into comprehensible plaintext XML with instruments like AXMLPrinter2, apktool, or Androguard.
  • classes.dex: The classes incorporated in the dex document design justifiable by the Dalvik virtual machine and by the Android Runtime.
  • resources.arsc: a document containing precompiled assets, for example, parallel XML for instance.

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Fierce destiny struggle! Become the king of octopuses by hunting, scavenging and slaughtering!

Collect weird and powerful prosthetics and combine them to help you get to the top of the mountain.

Escape from being boiled, a huge ocean world is waiting to be explored and conquered. Find a variety of interesting and dangerous weapons to give you an edge.

This game combines easy-to-use touch controls with fun gameplay.
Rich graphics, animations and sounds bring the experience to life.

Swallowing mountains and rivers, and prove that you are the most powerful octopus in this land!

Collect and combine various parts. Explore advanced skills and collect unique skins.

Find an array of crazy and deadly weapons to turn the tide in your favor.

Look out for new octopuses, skins, maps, special events and game modes in the future.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us: [email protected]

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